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West Coast Movie & T.V. Theme Car Championships
Movie & T.V. Vehicle Show

 at the Portland Roadster Show
March 18th-20th, 2011 
Portland Oregon

What a fantastic event this was! Not only were we treated to the whole Portland Roadster show in its 55th year, but had a great turnout of 'Starcars' at the West Coast Movie & TV Theme Car Championships put on by Cinema Classics Car Club of Portland. Actually this event has set a NEW USA record for Most MOVIE & TV cars at one event (a grand total of 36). This incredible group featured: the Red XA Bat from "Mad Max 2 The Roadwarrior" and Interceptor from Mad Max, Black Beauty hot from the new movie set and a promotional tour, the 1966 style Batmobile, the official WB promotional 'Supernatural' car, a "Screen Used" Sattelite from "Nearing Grace", a ZOMBIELAND H2 Humvee, Herbie, many cars from Americian Graffitti, Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine, the 2 Fast 2 Furious Yenko, a Caddilac Limo from "Enforcer". the Bandit TA, Fire Truck from "Emergency", the new version Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, Bumblebee from the Transformers, The Nova and Mustang from Death Proof, and many more, along with all of the other awesome show cars. Many folks Sought us out at the display of Movie & TV Cars, and got to meet some of the MMC staff in person. This is also where they got to see the Abbyshot MFP jacket, Gloves, and Badges on a MFP Officer in uniform. There was also a classic "Berserker" from Mad Max 2 / The Roadwarrior standing "Guard" next to the Red XA Bat. This was the historic first ever "Judged" Movie & TV theme car show (sanctioned by the new American Movie Car Association), and Dee's XA Bat took home a high honor and a display award. In addition to the cars, there was vendor displays, and several famous guests.

XA Bat Interceptor and BerzerkerBlack Beauty from The Green Hornet
Bat style Gotham Cruiser Mobile American Graffiti Cars
Death Proof Cars
  Scooby Doo Mystery Machine vanNew Style Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor



Herbie2 Fast 2 Furious Yenko
Transformers Bumbelbee



Red XA Wipeout Falcon from the Road Warrior Mad Max 2


A brief 'Live Action Comic' of one of out adventures at the show

To see the high resolution version, Click this Image or Link (Large File Warning).

 Batman Batgirl Dark Knight vs the Joker and the MFP

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